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JLaps is free RC timing software. It is a specialised software to be used for RC racing timing. It provides easy to use and easy to configure features for RC hobbyist. 

Its opensource community software with open APIs supported by a community of people. The community is always open for new contrinutors and enthusiasts. 


Features overview

- Drivers and models catalog Catalog of drivers stores drivers ever listed on a race with their models. There can be drivers with more models. For every model there is and identification (based on transponder ID) and frequency assigned to the model. Every model belongs to a category. There is easy to search functionality for drivers.

- Races and categories catalog . There can be only one race selecedat once. The races selection is done automatically by date (today's date is searched in race catalog) or manually. Every race has more categories.  Every category has selectable number of heat/qualifying rounds and finals. Every category can have different result calculator. Racers are organised into groups per category. 

In heats/qualifyings, all racers with models in the selected category are groupped into groups for start. For the finals, racers are automatically groupped by the results from qualifications.

- Race results real-time Real-time results are the most ineresting part of the timming software. You can see results as sson as these are generated by the timming device. The event from the device is immediately listed and added to results. You can see all the time current possitions, best rounds etc. There is per-category or per race view. There is also a separated window to be displayed on another screen for current results. See screenshots!

- Race results on screen and paper Different views can be printed to PDF and a printer. There is an open API to create a custom report based on your needs. Its easy and straighforward to do. 


Request new features

We are happy to add or extends JLaps features at any time. To request a new feature please use JLaps Tracker

Supported devices

Download JLaps

To start JLaps using Java Webstart follow this link. Java6 required to run. To download Java follow this link

JLaps support all Java platforms including Windows XP/Vista, MAC OSX, Linux.

Technical info

JLaps is written in Java language and developed in NetBeans. Jlaps uses following libraries:

JLaps as APIs for extending by adding new device and new raesults calculators. Doc TBD

To download source code, use CVS with  :ext:anonymous@jlaps.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/jlaps


Use JLaps forum

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